When I capture an image, I am simply sharing a glimpse of the world that I have been lucky enough to witness firsthand. To me there is nothing more amazing than the exact moment the sun cracks the horizon and those long rays of light spill across the landscape. Or the converse, when the sun goes to bed, and the last rays of the day creep ever upwards into the heavens to end the day. Moments like these are why I have always sought out nature and beautiful landscapes for my own solace. I often say that the world is the real artist and does all the hard work, all I have to do is show up and capture it. Regardless if I get a shot or not, on those mornings when I wake up early, crawl out of bed, stand around groggy in the cold, waiting on "the moment", it's worth it. It's worth it because I get to see things that 99.99% of people never get to see. Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to capture an image that allows me share that moment with others.

Born in Charleston, SC but raised in Lenoir, NC, I have always had a love and passion for the natural world. This fascination sparked my interest in and ultimately lead to my formal training as a biologist, earning a BS from the Citadel, and a MS from Appalachian State University. My love of nature and it's mysteries has translated into my love of photography. My photography is an attempt to share the beauty of the world around us with others using unique compositions and natural light. I have often said that there is beauty everywhere in the world, people just have to open their eyes and see it. My job is to help people open their eyes.

I have been a photographer for over 30 years, but with no formal training. I received my first SLR when I was a teenager, and had my own black and white dark room until I enrolled at the Citadel. While I loved wet photography, the world of digital photography rekindled my interest in the craft, and opened my eyes to all that is possible with a camera